Star Wars™ LEGO®

Recent Updates

29.09.2013: New MINI Model!
The Rebel Alliance starfighter fleet finally has a proper Y-Wing Starfighter! Go and check it out!

15.09.2013: 3 New Imperial MIDI Models!
The MIDI models on this site are exactly to scale to the official LEGO® MIDI Star Destroyer (set 8099): 1 Stud equals 50 meters. The Imperial-II Frigate, Vindicator Heavy Cruiser, and Modular Taskforce Cruiser joined the rows of the Imperial Fleet today! Go and have a look at them!


28.12.2012: New Mini Model!
Known from several computer games, the Victory II Frigate is a smaller Imperial warship which has been added to the mini model collection today! Enjoy!

27.12.2012: Mini Model Redesign!
A completely redesigned version of the Imperial superweapon Suncrusher has just been uploaded! Go and have a look!

28.04.2012: New MC80B Mon Remonda Mini Model!
A completely redesigned model of the Mon Calamari MC80B Star Cruiser (The Mon Remonda) has been added today! As the new model for the Mon Calamari MC80 Liberty-type Star Cruiser, it is to scale with the Imperial Star Destroyer! Go and have a look!

27.04.2012: New MC80 Liberty Mini Model!
Another version of the MC80 Liberty-type Star Cruiser has been added today! This one is to scale with the MINI Imperial Star Destroyer of this site! Go and check them out!

21.04.2012: New AT-AT Mini Model!
A completely redesigned Imperial All-Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) has just been added! Check it out!

18.03.2012: New Mini Model!
A more detailed version of the Trade Federation Lucrehulk Battleship has been uploaded! This one is slightly larger than the previous ones, but features more details and a more accurate shape. Go and chek it out!

05.02.2012: Midi Model Update!
The famous Corellian Corvette (Rebel Blockade Runner) has been added to the new Midi Model Line today! It is only three studs long and might just be recognizable. Do you recognize it?

29.01.2012: Massive MIDI Model Update!
15 new MIDI models have been added today! They are all to scale with the official LEGO® MIDI Star Destroyer (set 8099). One stud equals 50 meters. Be sure to have a look at all of them!

  • Mon Calamari MC80 Star Cruiser Liberty
  • Mon Calamari MC80 wingless Star Cruiser
  • Mon Calamari MC80a Star Cruiser
  • Assault Frigate
  • Nebulon-B Frigate
  • Quasar-fire Cruiser Carrier
  • Victory Star Destroyer
  • Gladiator Star Destroyer
  • Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser
  • Interdictor Cruiser
  • Escort Carrier
  • Strike Medium Cruiser
  • Carrack Light Cruiser
  • Star Galleon Cargo/Escort Frigate
  • Lancer Frigate


19.11.2011: Two New MINI Models!
Two new models from the "Knights of the Old Republic" (KOTOR) era have been added today!

  • Ebon-Hawk
  • Leviathan-Interdictor Cruiser

03.09.2011: New Mini Model!
Jedi Master Saesee Tiin's personal starfighter - the Sharp Spiral, a modified SoroSuub Cutlass-9 patrol fighter - has been added today! Go and have a look!

30.08.2011: New Mini Model!
The two personal starships of Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn have been added today!

  • Moldy Crow
  • Raven's Claw

28.07.2011: New Mini Model!
The "Coronet" is the personal yacht of the new mandalorian duchess Satine Kryze and is only shortly seen in the three mandalorian episodes of the second season of the animated Clone Wars TV series.

24.07.2011: New MINI Model!
The "Halo" is a Bounty Hunter Gunship appearing in the animated Clone Wars TV series. It has been released by the LEGOŽ group as system-scale playset as well as MINI building kit. Please note that the version presented here was actually built in January 2011 already (and been submitted to BrickJournal) before the release of the official mini set. It's pretty different from the official version as well as more accurate. Go and have a look!

03.07.2011: New MINI Model!
While the Star Tours StarSpeeder 3000 is an attraction in the DisneylandŽ theme parks, the vessel has also made it into the Expanded Universe of Star Wars books and games. The bricked construction is pretty complex and compact. It features 120 pieces which is quite a lot for a small model like this. Go and check it out!

06:06.2011: New MIDI Model!
An ancient starship of the Old Republic, the Hammerhead Cruiser already has the typical colour scheme of the Old Republic Fleet and is also mentioned in the Clone Wars TV series. Some ships of that type thus still might be around during the Clone Wars. Go and have a look!

31.05.2011: New MIDI Model!
Just a minor update with a simple 10-piece-version of the Trade Federation C-9979 Landing Craft as first seen in "The Phantom Menace". This model is part of the new MIDI model line and thus to scale with the official MIDI Star Destroyer (LEGOŽ set 8099). Go and check it out!

01.05.2011: Four new MIDI Models!
The new MIDI model section of opens with 4 new models!

  • Venator Attack Cruiser
  • Acclamator Assault Ship
  • Arquitens Light Cruiser
  • Munificent Star Frigate

25.04.2011: New MINI Model!
Another famous transport of the YT-series is Dash Rendar's Outrider. This modified YT-2400 shortly appears during the Mos Eisley spaceport scene in the special edition of "A New Hope". The Outrider is to scale with Han Solo's Millennium Falcon! Go and have a look at them!

22.04.2011: New MINI Model!
A new version for the Bespin Motors Storm IV Cloud Car has just been added! This version uses two lifeguard flots of the lifeguard minifigure from the Minifigure Series 2! Go and have a look at this unusual parts usage!

16.04.2011: 200th MINI Model!
Today the 200th MINI model has been added! It's probably the most popular starship from the entire Star Wars saga - the famous Millennium Falcon! It's a very compact and tricky construction allowing for a maximum level of authentic details. Go and have a look!

10.04.2011: Two New MINI Modesl!
Today the Banking Clan BC-714 Luxury Transport has been added to the collection. It is listed under "Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones" although it only appears in the corresponding trading card game. Go and have a look!
The second model of today's update is the Armored Assault Tank (AAT). This is a completely new design in the blue/grey colour scheme of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Go and check it out!

12.03.2011: New MINI Model!
The gargantuan Jedi praxeum ship, the Chu'Unthor, has been added today! It's a flat and asymmetric design being longer (2000 m) than an Imperial Star Destroyer (1600 m)! Go and check it out!

07.03.2011: New MINI Model!
The predecessor of the famous X-Wing Starfighter has been added today! It's the Incom/Subpro Z-95 Headhunter. Go and have a look!

28.02.2011: 2 New Mini Models!
Two new starships, directly from the Clone Wars TV series, and approximately to scale with each other, are brought to you today!

  • The Malevolence (Subjugator Heavy Cruiser)
  • Venator Attack Cruiser, Micro version

13.02.2011: 2 New Mini Models!
Two new starships of the Imperial Navy have been added today! They're both from the Expanded Universe:

  • Broadside Cruiser
  • Gladiator Star Destroyer


01.11.2010: New Mini Model!
Finally the T-47 Airspeeder joins the collection! It is one of the few vessels from the original trilogy that was still missing. The T-47 Airspeeder is more commonly known as "Snowspeeder" due to its use by the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Hoth in "The Empire Strikes Back". Go and check it out!

17.10.2010: New Mini Model!
The Republic Sienar Systems' Star Courier has been added today! The most famous ship of this class is probably Darth Maul's "Scimitar" also known as "Sith Infiltrator" which is introduces in "The Phantom Menace". Check it out!

10.10.2010: New Mini Model!
The wheeled Juggernaut Heavy Assault Vehicle is already a long known vehicle from the Expanded Universe used by the Imperial ground forces. Since its appearance as "Turbo Tank" in "Revenge of the Sith", the Juggernaut is now an official vehicle from the movies. Go and check it out!

26.09.2010: New Mini Model!
Finally the Victory Star Destroyer has been added to the Imperial Fleet! The model is roughly to scale with the bigger Imperial Star Destroyer and the smaller Interdictor Cruiser. Go and have a look!

19.09.2010: Two New Mini Models!
Today two small combat craft of the Imperial Navy have been added:

  • Imperial Assault Shuttle
  • Imperial Skipray Blastboat

18.09.2010: New Mini Model!
The Chariot LAV is a very common command speeder used by the Imperial ground forces, and has been added today! Go and have a look!

29.08.2010: New Mini Model!
The Republic Light Cruiser resembles a hybrid between the Kuat Drive Yards Venator-class Attack Cruiser of which it has the general wedge shape and the Corellian Consular-class Space Cruiser providing the engine layout for the light cruiser. The Republic Light Cruiser is introduced in the episode "Grievous Intrigue" (second season) of the animated Clone Wars TV series. Go and have a look!

22.08.2010: New MINI Model!
Finally the AT-ST has been added! The micro version only consists of nine pieces but is instantly recognizable. Check it out!

25.07.2010: 2 New Starfighters!
Two new starfighters from the Expanded Universe (EU) have been added today! The EU sources are quite popular this time and thus the ships should look familiar. Go and have a look!

  • StarViper Attack Platform (The "Virago" from "Shadows of the Empire")
  • Preybird Starfighter (The "Raptor" & "Skyclaw" from the "Thrawn Trilogy")

26.06.2010: New Mini Model!
Appearing in the computer game "Bounty Hunter", the Hell's Anvil is the newest addition to the Expanded Universe category of starships. The Corellian transport design was popular among bounty hunters due to it's heavy armor and large cargo area. Go and have a look!

19.06.2010: New Mini Model!
The first starship from the seconds season of the animated Clone Wars TV series has been added to the collection! It's the Jedi Ambassadorial Shuttle which first appeared in the episode "Grievous Intrigue". More ships from the second season will follow!

28.03.2010: New Mini Model!
The first version of the famous Rebel Y-Wing, the BTL-B Y-Wing was introduced in the animated Clone Wars TV series. It features the sleek curves of the original as well as the gun tower and all turrets. Go and check it out!

14.02.2010: The Rebel Fleet! 6 New Mini Models!
Six new starships of the Rebel Alliance / New Republic have been added today! Go and have a look at all of them!

  • Corellian Corvette
  • Nebulon-B Frigate
  • Mon Calamari MC80 Star Cruiser
  • Dornean Gunship
  • Corellian Gunship
  • Neutron Star Bulk Cruiser

31.01.2010: Acclamator to scale with Venator!
Today, a smaller (MICRO) version of the Acclamator Assault Ship has been added! It's roughly to scale with the Venator Attack Cruiser. They're really looking fantastic together, so go and check them out!

24.01.2010: Three new starfighter Mini Models!
Three starfighters have been added to the collection! First the nicely orange Scurrg H-6 Prototype Bomber with a trick engine block, then the Delta-7B Aethersprite Light Interceptor, successor of the Delta-7B starfighter, with centered astromech droid, and finally the TIE Advanced, also known as TIE Avenger. Go and have a look at them!

  • Scurrg H-6 Prototype Bomber
  • Delta-7B Aethersprite Light Interceptor
  • TIE Advanced (TIE Avenger)

10.01.2010: New Mini Model!
During the later days of the Clone Wars, the Aggressive Reconnaissance-170 Starfighter was one of the Old Republic's main starfighters. This model is comepletely different from the rather bulky offical model by TLC. It even features a different and unique connection with the wings as well as different S-Foils. Go and have a look!

09.01.2010: New Mini Model!
From the Clone Wars animated TV series the Pelta Medical Frigate has been added. It's a quite tricky design, as the central core is onle one stud wide, but has to have studs on all sides to attach the side slopes. Go an have a look at the frigate and its instructions!

03.01.2010: New Mini Model!
Let's start the new year with yet another separatist ground vehicle which was still missing in the collection has been uploaded today! It's the Trade Federation's Multi-Troop Transport (MTT). This version here is much smaller than the official one from TLC, but at least as detailed as it. Go and have a look!


20.12.2009: Two New Mini Models!
They're often seen as a couple, the Republic Carrier Gunship and the AT-TE Walker. Although they're both very tiny, you can really attch the little AT-TE to the Carrier Gunship! Go and have a look!

06.12.2009: 3 New CIS Starfighters!
Three starfighters of the Confederacy of Independant Systems (CIS) have been uploaded today! They can all be seen in the animated Clone Wars TV series. Go and check them out!

  • Vulture Droid Starfighter
  • Hyena Droid Bomber
  • Droch Boarding Ship

29.11.2009: New Mini Model!
Finally, the probably most famous Rebel Starfighter has been added: The X-Wing Starfighter! Although it seems similar to the official LEGOŽ Mini set, the construction is completely different, and features many more details despite being much smoother. Go and check it out!

22.11.2009: Two new TIE Fighters! With Darth Vader's personal TIE Fighter from "A New Hope", a TIE Advanced x1, and the TIE Bomber from "The Empire Strikes Back", there is now one full dozen of TIE Fighter type vessels! Go and check them out!

  • TIE Advanced x1
  • TIE Bomber

01.11.2009: New Mini Model!The Delta-7 Aethersprite Light Interceptor - also simply known as "Jedi Starfighter" - has been uploaded today! Please go and have a look!

26.10.2009: New Mini Model!Today Boba Fett's Slave IV has been added. It's an Amphibious Interstellar Assault Transport also known as AIAT. Its engines are really huge! Go and have a look!

24.10.2009: New Mini Model!
Another tri-winged shuttle has been added! It's the Delta Escort Shuttle appearing in several older computer games. This shuttle has a rear gun tower, making it unique among the tri-winged shuttle designs. Go and check it out!

17.10.2009: New Minifigure!
The infamous bounty hunter Bossk seen in "The Empire Strikes Back" has been added to the minifigures section today! As all minifigures here, Bossk has been designed by only using official pieces, without saw, glue or paint. Have a look!

09.10.2009: New Speeder!
Another common landspeeder type has been added! It's the XP-38 Landspeeder mentioned and shortly seen in "A New Hope". Go and have a look!

03.10.2009: New Nubian Starship!
Another member of the family of Nubian starships has been added today! It's the Naboo Freefall-class Bomber! Go and have a look!

30.08.2009: New Superweapon MINI Model!
Besides the Death Stars and the Suncrusher, there were several other superweapons of the Empire, for example the Galaxy Gun from the Dark Empire comic series. The 7,250 meter long tube, also equipped with sublight engines and hyperdrive, was designed to fire large particle disintegrator warheads able to destroy entire planets. Go check it out!

23.08.2000: New Naboo Starship!
Another craft of the Nubian family of starships has been added. It's the Naboo Scout Carrier from the animated Clone Wars TV series. Go and have a look!

16.08.2009: 2 new TIE Fighter Models!
Two new TIE fighter models have been added today. They're both out of PC games from the Expanded Universe. They're not as well-known as other, but their shape is unique. Go check them out!

  • TIE Hunter
  • TIE Mauler

02.08.2009: 150th MINI Model!
It's my special pleasure to announce today the 150th Star Wars MINI model! The jubilee model is the popular Republic Nu-class Attack Shuttle from the new Clone Wars movie and attached TV series. It's a tricky construction as, besides the wings, also the cockpit is angled and multi-coloured. It also features the use of unusual pieces like garden fences and flowers. Go check it out!

18.07.2009: MINI Model Update!
The designs of the TIE Fighter and the TIE Interceptor have been renewed to fit together with the other TIE models on this site. The cockpit ball is now a nice SNOT construction.

05.07.2009: New MINI Model!
With model No. 149 we're quickly approaching our small jubilee. And today there is an original model from the prequel trilogy appearing in all three movies - first in the Phantom Menace. It's the EasyRide Passenger Airspeeder also known as Coruscant Taxi. It's nicely green and completely SNOT. Have a look!

28.06.2009: Expanded Universe Update!
Today's update is dedicated to the Expanded Universe! We have several well-known starships from some of the many popular computer games like X-Wing, TIE Fighter and many others. Have a look!

  • Assault Gunship
  • Missile Boat
  • Delta DX-9 Transport
  • Theta Barge
  • Y-85 Titan Dropship

21.02.2009: Clone Wars Era Update!
Today we have four new MINI models from the Clone Wars era! They're from Attack of the Clones, the Clone Wars TV series, the Clone Wars movie and Revenge of the Sith! Be sure to have a look at them!

  • Republic Gunship
  • Octuptarra Combat Tri-Droid
  • The Trident
  • Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

17.01.2009: Bounty Hunter Ships Complete!
With the Slave 1, there are now all bounty hunter ships from those bounty hunters avialable which can be seen in "The Empire Strikes Back" aboard the Executor!

02.01.2009: More Clone Wars MINI Models!
Already featured in the last two issues of BrickJournal in 2008, the Twilight and the Porax-38 Starfighter (also known as Magna Guard Starfighter) from the new "Clone Wars" movie and "Revenge of the Sith", respectively, open the new round of site updates for 2009! Go check them out!

  • Twilight
  • Porax-38 Starfighter


07.12.2008: Mew MINI Model!
Floating through the clouds of Bespin you can find the Tibanna Gas Refinery Platforms. The name already says what they're here for. Refnining Tibanna Gas. Although a less exciting object, I am glad to present a model from the original trilogy to you!

23.11.2008: Fourth Bounty Hunter Ship!
The fourth bounty hunter ship - namely the IG-2000 - has been updated today! It is the modified Aggressor Assault Fighter owned by the bounty hunter droid IG-88. The construction is quite tricky, as it is wedge shaped but doesn't apply for the general wedge-plate-method. So, it's a combination of hinges and slopes. Check it out!

09.11.2008: New MINI Model!
Only seen for a few seconds in The Phantom Menace, the Eddicus Planetary Shuttle is one of the many second-row-vessels from the entire prequel trilogy. It is also often referred to as "Chancellor Valorum's Shuttle". A red version can also be seen in the movie.

02.11.2008: 2 new MINI Models!
Two new bounty hunter ships have been added! It's Bossk's Hound's Tooth and Zuckuss' Mist Hunter. With Dengar's Punishung One of December 2005 there are now three bounty hunter ships available, and more will follow soon!

  • Hound's Tooth
  • Mist Hunter

19.10.2008: New MINI Model!
One of the Empire's most common capital ships of the picket line is the Carrack-class Light Cruiser. The model features a piece of the long abandonned Throwbot/Slicer series and is probably the best possible piece for constructing the Carrack Cruiser's huge bridge window.

18.10.2008: New MINI Model!
One of the most popular EU ships has been updated today - the Lancer-class Anti-Starfighter Frigate! It appears in several novels, comics and computer games. The construction is very tricky and features a lot of SNOT techniques in every section of the ship.

28.09.2008: 2 new capital ships from Episode II!
With those two vessels, both appearing during the Battle of Geonosis, the capital ships of Episode II - Attack of the Clones - are complete!

  • Core Ship
  • Diamond-class Cruiser

31.08.2008: New MINI Model!
As an only little known TIE Fighter variant, the TIE Raptor only appears in a handful of sources. It was part of Warlord Zsinj's fleet around the time of the Hapan Incident. This time, a boat stud (inverse dish) was used as cockpit window, instead of a conventional dish.

17.08.2008: New MINI Model!
It's very difficult to make a real smooth-looking version of this ship. Here is my try at the Droid Tri-Fighter from "Revenge of the Sith. It was one of the last ones missing yet from the movie, and makes clear that it was probably the episode with the most new vessels in one movie.

27.04.2008: 5 New MINI Models!
Finally, after some "real-life-break", there are five new models today! They are all Imperial TIE-Fighter-style ships from the Expanded Universe. Some use a new cockpit style technique which allows you to see into the cockpit. Also the new triangular connector hub made the more complex wing constructions of the TIE Defender and Phantom possible. Now have a look at the images:

  • TIE-Crawler
  • TIE-Defender
  • TIE-Droid
  • TIE-Phantom
  • Scimitar Assault Bomber


16.12.2007: New MINI Model!
This model is very special as it only uses 7 pieces, but is still recognizable as the Rebellion's Y-Wing. Due to the special and unexpected use of hinges, the model got the nick name "hYnge-Wing". Sometimes it happens that when I see a certain odd piece it reminds me of a certain starship, and that's how the "hYnge-Wing" was built.

01.12.2007: New MINI Model!
Another new starship model from Episode 3 has just been updated. Most of the new vessels in "Revenge of the Sith" have very little screentime, and the Techno Union Starfighter is no exception. Nevertheless it's a sleek an tiny spacecraft, which turned out well in its bricked version. Go check it out!

25.11.2007: New MINI Model!
Probably the most powerful capital ship of the Empire ever been built to date is the Eclipse Super Star Destroyer from the "Dark Empire" comic series. The underside is completely SNOT, allowing for the use of 2x4 wedge bricks to realize the streamlined and elegant shape of the ship. The engine section is accurate. This ship is pure black elegance, and I hope to have built the model in this spirit.

06.11.2007: Minifigure Update!
The Rebel Scout Troopers as seen during the Battle of Endor have been updated to a more combat-like look. Check them out! On a sad sidenote, 9 of the minifigures in the Minifigures Section have meanwhile been redone by LEGOŽ themselves, which makes these kind of unnecessary, unless you think they're better than the now offial ones.

28.10.2007: New MINI Model from RotJ!
One of the few vehicles still left to built was the Ewok Hang Glider. The difference is scale between the minifig-scaled model by TLC and this MINI model is probably smaller than usual. But it is as small as it could get. Although not 100% accurate, I liked the way to use the Geonosian minifigure wings as wing for the glider. It even features a MINI Ewok minifigure!

09.09.2007: 2 New Transport Mini Models!
Built in the same scale as TLC's UCS ISD (set 10030), a micro version of the Gallofree Medium Transport has been adeed! Build your own one for your personal ISD-scale fleet! The second transport of today is an old transport from an old computer game named "TIE Fighter". It's the BFF-1 Bulk Transport. Go check it out!

19.08.2007: New MINI Model from Ep. 1!
The special thing about the Trade Federation's Droid Starfighter is that it is built entirely from TECHNIC pieces. The tooth pieces were just the best solution for the wings. The model was designed in November 2006 but was held back for a special TECHNIC issue of BrickJournal which didn't turn out as such. Hence the simple fighter lost most of its magic.

06.05.2007: New MINI Model from Ep. 3!
The last, yet to be done, capital ship from "Revenge of the Sith" was the Recusant-class Light Destroyer which has just been updated! As most of the last movie's capital ships, this one, too, features a quite unique and unusual shape. To get all details right, this one had to be a bit larger, and consists of 131 pieces! Check it out!

28.04.2007: New MINI Model from Ep. 3!
Another capital ship from the beginning scene of "Revenge of the Sith" is the Banking Clan's Munificent-class Communications Frigate. As most of the new capital ships from this movie, its shape is somewhat special, fragile-looking and with lots of greebling details. One of the details of this model is the front double laser cannon which was realized by a chainsaw piece and a related 1-plate-high stud inversion, something no longer possible with the new clicky-hinge plates. Check it out!

04.03.2007: MINI Model Update
By popular demand, General Grievous' Starfighter has already been updated once again. You can compare it with the old version here.

03.03.2007: New MINI Model!
Although only short on screen, this quickly became to one of the more popular ships of "Revenge of the Sith". Yes, you're right, we're talking about General Grievous' Starfighter! Have a look and enjoy!

18.02.2007: New MINI Model!
When you watch "A New Hope" carfeully you will discover a less popular round landspeeder outside the famous Mos Eisley Cantina. This is the Ubrikkian-9000 Z001 Landspeeder. It is built around a 1x1 brick with studs on all sides, with 1x2 door rail plates assembled around it to get a slightly thicker main body. The technic gear on the bottom also features the four landing studs. Check it out!

11.02.2007: NEW SITE!
The popular site as you know it has now changed its domain to The "sw" stands of course for "Star Wars", and is my brand new domain for all my LEGOŽ projects. The site will remain the same as you know it. It will be a stand-alone site, simply being part of my whole project.

03.02.2007: New MINI Model!
Those who read the novel "Rogue Planet" will remember Anakin's living ship - the Jabitha. It's a small green ship with sleek curves and tremendous wingspan. Core piece of the ship is a green 3x3 corner plate which is used at 45 degrees compared to the rest of the ship. Have a look at it!

28.01.2007: New MINI Model!
Shortly seen during the Battle of Utapau in "Revenge of the Sith" is the Republic Assault Gunboat, an air speeder type vehicle in the typical dark red / white colour sheme of the old republic. An uncommon clicky hinge piece is used to give the vehicle its right shape. Have a look!

27.01.2007: Minifigure Update!
The brick-built Admiral Ackbar has been updated. The new figure features a clicky hinge piece as head! You can compare the old version with the new version here! Don't miss him!

20.01.2007: New Minifigure!
Clone trooper commanders quickly became very popular characters, espcially by the younger Star Wars fans. Hence, it's a pleasure to present you Commander Appo, a clone trooper commander from the "Revenge of the Sith" era. As always, no saw, glue or paint was used, and the blaster is brick-built, too.


03.12.2006: Two new MINI Models!
Wheely day this sunday! There are two new models today featuring similar elements! First we have the Hailfire Droid which you know from the Battle of Geonosis in "Attack of the Clones". Clue part of this model are useful technic wheels which come complete with the "treads". A similar piece - just one scale smaller - is used for General Grievous' Wheel Bike from "Revenge of the Sith". It is important that you get hold of an old-styled piece of that type, as only these have the possibility to stick the axle through it in three different holes. The newer items of that type only have one center hole.

26.11.2006: New MINI Model!
A larger capital ship of the reborn Empire in the "Dark Empire" series is the Modular Taskforce Cruiser. It is over 1,000 meters in length and features a modular front section where different modules for a variety of mission profiles can be used. Building tricks are that the front section is studs up while the back section is studs down, brought to you by the use of 1x4 technic plates, a part to remember.

19.11.2006: NEW Mini Model!
A popular medium-sized cruiser of the Empire is the Strike-class Cruiser. It appears in the Thrawn Trilogy as well as in the computer game "Rebellion". The model features tricky bridge construction and changes in width from two to three and three to four studs. Have a look!

01.11.2006: Speeder Update!
Three new speeders have been added! First, there is a Cloud Car Micro Version consisting of only 3 pieces! Then there are two new speeders from "Revenge of the Sith". You all remember the little Emergency Fire Speeders from the beginning minutes. By using trans-light-blue flame pieces you can make the illusion of water! Third modelfor today is Bail Organa's personal Airspeeder seen during the Jedi Temple battle scene. Be sure to check out the three new speeders!

28.10.2006: MINI MODEL NO. 100!
Finally, we reached MINI model No 100! This is a special model dedicated to the jubilee issue of BrickJournal! It is General Grievous flagship from "Revenge of the Sith" - the Invsible Hand. Special feature is that you can pull it apart at the same position where the ship breaks up in the movie! Don't miss this special model, and also have a look at the great issues of BrickJournal!

14.10.2006: Update of the Techno Union Hardcell-class Transport!
The Hardcell-class Transport has been updated. The model was completely redesigned, now featuring accurate proportions and better detailing. Compare the OLD version with the NEW version!

01.10.2006: New Minifigure!
Already made in December 2005, I today reveal a brick-built minifigure for the bounty hunter Boushh as seen in Return of the Jedi. Have a look!

17.09.2006: New Minifigure!
A lesser known character from Jabba's Palace is Bubo. He was a sentinent being, and not a creature as many assume due to his look. Instead he was an Imperial operative, being involved in plots against Jabba the Hutt by the Empire. His brain was later risen onto the level of a B'omarr monk.

10.09.2006: MINI Rebel Assault Frigate (featuring 40 1x1 round plates)!
This is model No. 99! A lesser known capital ship of the Rebel Forces, the Assault Frigate is a conversion of the Imperial Dreadnaught Cruiser by Rebel technicians. It appears in the "Thrawn Trilogy" as well as in the computer game "Rebellion".

04.06.2006: MINI Neimoidian Shuttle!
The newest MINI model is from Episode 1 and also appears in Episode 3: The Neimoidian Shuttle. I used a completely different building approach in order to show alternate building possibilities for large specialized parts - here a Bionicle leg piece.

25.05.2006: MINI Starlight Intruder!
From one of the most popular comic series - Dark Empire - here is another more popular EU ship: Salla Zend's Starlight Intruder, a Mobquet Medium Transport. Check it out, it's a quite clever snotty design!

21.05.2006: MINI Trade Federation Landing Ship
Here is another starship from Episode 1 - the C-9979 Landing Ship. It features the most accurate colour sheme as possible, and has no visible studs left! Be sure to check it out!

14.05.2006: MICRO Nebulon-B Frigate
One of the most famous ships from the Classic Trilogy now also comes as Micro Model! It's the Nebulon-B Frigate! It only consists of 9 pieces but is very good recognizable! Don't miss it!

During the next days I will show off all EU mini models which were still in stock, and had not been published yet! So keep an open eye on the updates here!

07.05.2006: EU MINI Clearance: MINI Hyperspace Marauder(s)!
From Dark Empire we all know the Hyperspace Marauder, which comes with a special version scaled to the ISD! Don't miss them!

06.05.2006: EU MINI Clearance: No. 91 + 92!
This week is EU time! Known from the computer game "Rebellion" and the Roleplaying game is Kuat Drive Yards Escort Carrier, a 500m long capital ship which hold one entire wing of TIE fighters. It comes with detailed interior: bridge, flight control, hangar, TIE racks. And it also comes with its own Micro version which shows why the old hinge plates were superior to the new clicky hinges of newer days.

29.04.2006: MINI Model No. 90!
With model No. 90 published, there are only 10 more to go until the 100th model! Model No. 90 is the Trade Federation AAT from the Battle of Naboo. Don't miss it!

New Layout!
Together with the 90th MINI model there comes new color, new logo and improved navigation to the site! Happy browsing!

22.04.2006: MINI Gian Speeder!
Here is someting from Episode I that had been left out until today, the Gian Speeder. Don't miss it!
Also the Amphibion has been updated with a more detailed boat hull front.

02.04.2006: Goodbye logo!
With TLC's own pretty bad version of the mouse droid (set 6211), they took away joy for my own version which seems useless now. Thus my long-time logo will be removed everywhere within in the next days. But although TLC ended the era of my mouse droid, here's another 4-piece variant (with special thanks and a friendly wink to Pepa Quin).

19.03.2006: Cheap Lando Calrissian!
Were you ever annoyed of the ridiculous prices for a Lando Calrissian minifigure? I here present a cheap alternative of Lando Calrissian for all who are fans of traditional yellow heads.

18.03.2006: MINI Bounty Hunter Pursuit!
You now can build your own MINI Coruscant speeder chase! See Anakin's Airspeeder and Zam Wesell's Airspeeder for instructions!

11.03.2006: MINI Theta Shuttle
Finally, the Imperial Theta Shuttle has been added to the Episode 3 Minis section. It features detailed wings which can even fold movie-accurately. Check it out!

04.02.2006: MINI V-Wing!
Another starship from Episode 3 has been added today. It's the V-Wing Starfighter which escorted Sidious' Theta shuttle (soon to come).

04.01.2006: Happy New Year!
A new year began, and we continue with model No. 84! This one is a micro version of the Trade Federation Battleship! Enjoy, and have a great start in the new year!


28.12.2005: New Minifigure!
The partner of bounty hunter Zuckuss, 4-LOM, is now available! As for all minifigures, the same rules apply for him: No saw, glue or paint! Have a look, and see if you recognize him!

19.12.2005: New MINI Model!
The personal starship of the infamous bounty hunter Dengar is now available. His ship, the Punishing One, is a Corellian Engineering Jumpmaster 5000. Be sure to see this completely asymmetric starship!

13.12.2005: Mini Model Update!
For the second time in this year, the Lambda Shuttle has been updated for a smoother look! Be sure to check it out!

08.12.2005: New Mini Model!
Boba Fett's second starship, the also infamous Slave 2 has been added today! It's a Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship by MandalMotors. Don't miss it!

05.12.2005: New Minifigure!
Today's update is a minifigure from Episode 3. It is the Neimoidian Guard as seen in the control center on Mustafar.

29.11.2005: Minifigure from Clone Wars!
The first Minifigure from the Clone Wars cartoon is now available. As usually, only official parts have been used. The character is the Shistavanen Wolfman Voolvif Monn.

25.11.2005: Minor Mini Model
Having only 6 pieces, this shall resemble Yoda's Escape Pod, which he used to escape Kashyyyk. Note that this escape pod is different from the one he used to travel to Dagobah as seen in the deleted scenes of the movie.

20.11.2005: New Minifigure!
Another Bounty Hunter as seen in The Empire Strikes Back - IG-88 - has been added to the Minifigures section!

18.11.2005: 80th MINI Model!
Do you remember the Lambda-like shuttle in A New Hope, which just appears a few seconds? This is the Imperial Sentinel-class Landing Shuttle. Don't miss it!

31.10.2005: New MINI Model!
The Mon Calamari MC80B Starcruiser has been added! It is the well-known Mon Remonda, featured in many novels, books and games. Don't miss this 1,200 m capital ship!

20.10.2005: New MINI Model!
It's an honour to present you Mini Model No. 78: The Venator Attack Cruiser from Episode III! This model is featured in the popular BrickJournal, where you also can find building instructions for the model! Don't miss it!

15.10.2005: New MINI Model!
After one month of stress and exams, I am back with a new MINI model from Episode III! It's the Coruscant Shuttle which has only a short appearance as most new vehicles in that movie. Check it out!

16.09.2005: New MINI Model!
A new MINI Model is available! It is the TX-130 Republic Fighter Tank which appears in the Clone Wars Computer Games. Don't miss it!

07.09.2005: MINI Model No. 75!
Model No. 75 is rather a Micro Model. It's another Sandcrawler, only consisting of 17 parts! Check out the Micro Sandcrawler here!

02.09.2005: 7 New MINI Models from Clone Wars!
7 new MINI models from the Clone Wars TV series are now avialable in the MINI section! Check them out!
  • Anakin's Jedi Starfighter
  • Fanblade Starfighter
  • Manta Droid Subfighter
  • Republic Carrier Opening Hatch!
  • Seismic Tank Working Stamp!
  • Unnamed Shuttle
  • V-19 Torrent Starfighter

23.08.2005: 3 new Minifigures!
The 3 Neimoidians Nute Gunray, Lott Dod and Daultay Dofine have been added to the Minifigs section!

20.08.2005: New MINI Model + 2 Updates!
From the Expanded Universe, the Chiss Clawcraft has been added! For the first time ever, I used Bionicle pieces! Check out the MINI section!
With the availability of rounded 6x4 wedges in white (set 7237), the Lady Luck has been refitted to provide more stability!
Second, the Acclamator Assault Ship from Episode II has been heavily modified and finally features 4 engines and a unique SNOT construction! Don't miss it!

18.08.2005: New MINI Model!
Count Dooku's Solar Sailer is now available in the MINI section! Don't miss it!

15.08.2005: Lamda Shuttle Updated!
The Lambda Shuttle has been updated to be more accurate compared to the movies. Check out the new Lambda Shuttle here!

20.07.2005: Mini DC0052 Airspeeder!
A new mini model from Episode 3 - RotS has been added to the collection. It's the DC0052 Airspeeder used by Anakin and Obi-Wan on Coruscant.

09.07.2005: Micro Star Destroyer!
Build your own Micro Star Destroyer! It fits in every pocket!

03.07.2005: Mini Droid Gunship!
A new Mini Model from Episode III has just been added. It's the Droid Gunship which has a very short appearance during the Battle of Kashyyyk.

02.07.2005: Kaminoan Minifig!
Today, a representant of the Kaminoan species has been added to the minifig section!

25.06.2005: New Minifig!
A new minifig has been added! It's Captain Typho as seen in the beginning scene from Episode 2.

22.06.2005: Jubilee!
To celebrate the 60th MINI Model, the site has been overhauled, featuring new navigation and overviews for each section! As small "presents" fro the celebration, there have been added another 2 new MINI Models! See them here:

60: Star Galleon
61: Naboo Police Cruiser
62: Republic Micro Cruiser

There will be more vessels from Episode III soon!

15.06.2005: Flash Speeder Redesign!
A smoother version of the Flash Speeder has been added today! You can directly compare the old version with the new version here!

12.06.2005: Naboo Bomber
A starfighter from the "Battle for Naboo" computer game, the Naboo Bomber is now available in the Mini Model section.

09.06.2005: Nubian Starship Family (from the movies) Completed!
The last missing Nubian Starship, Padme's Naboo H-type Yacht, as seen in Episode II and the Clone Wars TV series has finally been added!

08.06.2005: Suncrusher updated!
The trans-clear 2x2 plate has been replaced with a new 3x3 radar dish to look more smooth. Check out the new Suncrusher here!

06.06.2005: New version of the "Flurry"
There is a new and more accurate version of the "Flurry" available. You can directly compare the old version with the new version here.

05.06.2005: Jedi Starfighter II
Here is the new Jedi Starfighter II as seen in Episode III and also already in season 3 of the Clone Wars TV series.

02.06.2005: New Attack of the Clones vehicle
As long as I wait for parts to complete more vessels from Episode III, I here present you a vehicle from Episode II - Attack of the Clones: The Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery-Turbolaser, short SPHA-T.

24.05.2005: Episode III Mini Model!
Padme's sleek Naboo Star Skiff is now available! Don't miss it!

13.05.2005: New Mini Model!
Another vessel from the Dark Empire series is available in the Mini Model Section, the A-9 Vigilance Interceptor. Be sure to check it out!

05.05.2005: New Mini Model!
Available now is the Geonosian Fighter from Episode 2. Check out the Minis' section which now holds 53 models.

17.04.2005: Aurra Sing Minifigure!
The mysterious bounty hunter Aurra Sing (from Episode I) is available in the minifig section! She comes complete with rifle!

28.03.2005: Grand Admiral Thrawn's bodyguard!
The Noghri named Rukh is now available here!

13.03.2005: New A-Wing!
The current A-Wing design has been replaced by a much more accurate version. Compare the old with the new design!

27.02.2005: New Creature!
The Yavin Night Beast (EU) has been added.

22.02.2005: 2 new MINI models!
  • Lando Calrissian's Lady Luck
  • Talon Karrde's Wild Karrde

16.02.2005: 2 new Minifigures!
Two new minifigures have been added to the minifigures section:
Ysanne Isard - Imperial Intelligence
Zuckuss - famous bounty hunter

14.02.2005: Creature section online!
Finally also the creatures section is online containing already 4 creatures:
Bogey (EU) | Granite Slug (EU) | Nunas | Worrt

13.02.2005: Added 10 new MINI Models
  • Amphibion
  • Cloak Shape Fighter
  • Cloud City
  • Coruscant Starfreighter
  • CSA Marauder Corvette
  • I-7 Howlrunner
  • Nubian Royal Cruiser
  • T-Wing Starfighter
  • Waveskimmer
  • Y-4 "Raptor" Transport

13.02.2005: Added 7 new Minifigs
  • 2-1B Medical Droid
  • Garindan
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
  • ISB Agent
  • Mouse Droid
  • Naval Troops
  • Skiff Guards


28.08.2004: T-16 Update!
A new and better version of the T-16 has been updated! Check it out!

03.08.2004: Jubilee!
  • MINI Model Model No. 40 - Dwarf Spider Droid - is online!
  • Sailbarge and Desert Skiff have been updated!

Updated the site with 4 new MINI models: Death Star, Death Star 2, Trade Federation Battleship, Homing Spider Droid.

Two new minifigures have been added: The bounty hunter Dengar and an Ithorian (Hammerhead)! Be sure to check them out!

The Super Star Destroyer and Interdictor Cruiser have been updated! There are now 35 MINI Models online! Be sure to check them out!

New Imperial Star Destroyer now available! Also a perfect TIE Interceptor and a Shieldship have been added. Furthermore the Dreadnaught Cruiser has been improved! Check them out!

4 MINI Models have been improved and been updated, these being the A-Wing, Escape Pod, Gallofree Medium Transport (Rebel Transport) and Nubian N1 Starfighter. Check the galleries!

More detail pictures for the Lambda Shuttle are now available!

The MINI Section has been updated with the Republic Cruiser, Corellian Star Shuttle, Acclamator Assault Ship, V-35 Landspeeder and Nubian Royal Starship. The section now holds 31 MINI models!

A new section has been opened, called Minifigures! Find minifigs for Admiral Ackbar, AT-ST Pilots, General Veers, Rebel Scouts, Rebel Navy Troops, and Lando's Cloud City Wing Guard here!

Another new section which contains modifications of official LEGO Star Wars sets has been launched, coming with an improved Lambda Shuttle, Nubian N1 Starfighter and MINI Millennium Falcon!


Construction of the first 31 mini models of this project. The site went public in January 2004.

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